My Outdoor Desk and Filofax

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Wisdom from the East

Those that make you return, for whatever reason,
to the spirit, be grateful to them.

For the most part, this new year has been almost a non-event.  A very quiet Christmas Day, a very sober New Year, and a proceeding week of almost total lack in direction, motivation and energy.

Admittedly, this current mood has an awful lot to do with our current weather here in the Northern Territory of Australia.  Cyclones have been mooching around the Western Australian coast, drawing a good deal of rain - leaving us to swelter in incredibly high humidity, and high temperatures.  The humidity sitting at a constant 70-80%, on its own, just sucks the life out of you.  Add higher than normal temperatures caused by an enormous high pressure in the centre of the country - have us all up here suffocating, and drowning in our own perspiration.

So needless to say, everyone on the home front has been short tempered, frustrated, and just plain irritable.  But today - with a massive effort, motivation found me, and I worked like a Trojan.  That in turn, pushed the kids, and the father into action.  We achieved so much, in the heat of the day.  Add to that a husband that has spent a similar day at work - out in the field on site call outs.

Result - the kids are quiet in their rooms, the husband is asleep on the "lazyboy", and the parents are happily snoozing in front of their TV.  Even the dog and cat are happily settled on the floor next to me...and peace, quiet, tranquillity, and space abounds. 
 I'm happily seated at my desk, several Filofaxes open, and returning to the spirit of my inner thoughts and reflections.
So irritability, exhaustion, short tempers, faulty machinery, and a late monsoon - I thank you,
and I am grateful.

Monday, 16 September 2013

All great journeys begin with a simple step...

So how does one arrive here, in this obsessive/compulsive world of Filofax addiction?  I can't answer this question for you, and I'm not entirely sure of my own answer at this point, but the journey has certainly been expensive.. but fun!

I've always been a journal/diary keeper - I have boxes of old Collins Yearly and school diaries up in the shed, troves of my history - personal, school and work. From time to time, I dig up a volume or two and troll through the pages, but mostly, they are now cockroach fodder.  However I try, the occasional wander down "amnesia lane" is not sufficient to justify this addiction. It has to be genetic!

We're all of the same stock - Pens, pencils, folders, pads, paper, stickers, desk caddies, paperclips, etc  Some common ancestral paper chaser started hording supplies of quills and ink and parchment, and we the damned, are duty bound to carry it forth.  In spite of technology's best efforts, we cling imperviously to paper and pen - and Filofax!

My Filofax addiction is relatively recent - just a few years at best.  On my return to work after a spell away, I suddenly found myself in need of a mobile office.  I was all set to go in my new job, and fully kitted out with iPad an iPhone.  Unfortunately neither would sync with my Outlook calendar and email.  Ongoing technology issues caused the dilemma, "We'll get it sorted out in a week or two - just hang in there!". And then - summoned up in my moment of desperation, my ancestral paper chaser called to me... "Get thee a diary!" 

Off to the local OfficeWorks -  and out the door 5 minutes later with a brand new, personal sized, Collins Debden Bella DayPlanner (Filofax personal). And here's a picture...

Over the coming months, the "sync issue" came and went, but the Debden carried on.  Once I had my systems set up and all the handwritten contacts, notes and lists in place, there was simply no reason to entertain a conversion back to technology.  But space and ring size was beginning to present an issue.
With thick papers, heavy card dividers, and just 20mm rings, I was rapidly approaching terminal compaction. 

Back to OfficeWorks I headed, and snapped up the latest release - the Collins Debden DayPlanner "Colour". And here's a picture..

Yes... a theme is emerging here with a definite purple issue.  The main differences between the old and the new two include a centimetre of additional width, a rubbery PU cover, and 25mm rings.  The relief was short lived. The deal breaker on this planner was the "rubbery" PU cover.  The matte surface got tatty very quickly, and I just couldn't get used to the feel of the planner.  The original Bella had a leather feel and look to it, that I loved - for the price (on special for less than $20.00) I could happily accept the "non-leather" status.

Rounding up my first year - I began looking for the next step up... and turned to YouTube.  At this point "Kent From Oz" and the "Organisedvicar" entered the fray.  "Kent" was a Debden man, through and through.  He stuck out against all criticism with his 7 ring desk Debden.  "Organisedvicar" was a Filofax girl... she'd just unboxed her A5 Orange Finsbury, and introduced me to her already growing "Filo Family".  So the road ahead suddenly diverged - a new hole punch and 7 ring Debden - or over to the Dark Side and into the Filofax Abyss. 

Ebay turned out to be the defining point. After a few weeks (sic. many) watching a steadily increasing Youtube subscriptions list, on planners/agendas/Filofax - a beacon on illumination filled my computer screen. Enter my first and most precious Black A5 Regency Filofax.  In SHE, all that was lacking was fulfilled, all that was wanting was sated, and I was hooked, lined and sinkered!Here's HER picture...

And so we arrive back where we began - with that question of how did I get here?  The only answer I can give is "just like you... just like that". In closing I guess I now I need to qualify my addiction status with a roll call of the "family" - so here in chronological order I present the girls:-

1.   Black A5 Regency (switch set)
2.   Red Pocket Metropol (Up for adoption... any takers?)
3.   Purple Personal Malden (switch set)
4.   Wine Personal Holborn (switch set)
5.   Pink Pocket Apex(Up for adoption... any takers?)
6.   Pink Personal Apex (Up for adoption... any takers?)
7.   Black Personal Regency
8.   Red A5 Metropol (Up for adoption... any takers?)
9.   Purple Pocket Malden (switch set)
10. Black Pocket Regency (switch set)
11. Purple A5 Malden (switch set)
12. Wine A5 Holborn (switch set), and yes, there's another delivery imminent...
13.  Wine Pocket Holborn (switch set)

I use 5 currently: Work, Personal, Wallet, Travel Log, and a new "Mind/Body/Soul".   At this point I raise my hand - "Hello, my name is Janine, and I am addicted to Filofax"...  HELP!